A must do: Sept. 21 & 22 GSA Schedule workshop

Georgia Tech’s Contracting Education Academy now offers a hands-on, consultant-guided workshop designed to help businesses prepare a proposal to win a GSA Schedule contract in a matter of days — not weeks or months.

Registration details on the next GSA Schedule Proposal Preparation Workshop on September 21 and 22, 2015 can be found by clicking here.

Since Georgia Tech’s GSA Schedule Workshop was launched in January 2014, folks have traveled from 10 states to attend.  To date, every single businessperson who’s attended has prepared their proposal, has successfully submitted it to GSA, or has been awarded a contract.

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Participants assemble an actual GSA Schedule proposal during the Georgia Tech workshop.

What Attendees Are Saying

Post-Workshop evaluations show that 100% of attendees say the Workshop met or exceeded their expectations. Here are typical statements made by attendees:

  • “I received a vast amount of information on how to apply for a GSA Schedule contract.  I valued the one-on-one question-answering provided by the instructors.”
  • “I expected a canned presentation consisting of a lot of theoretical advice, but I received practical and specific help to understand the GSA application.  I really valued the instructor’s knowledge and communication skills.”
  • “This workshop provided excellent advice and training, walking through all the documents in detail.  I valued the relaxed environment, the ability to work at my own pace, and the ability to ask lots of questions.”
  • “I now have a complete understanding of the step-by-step process to complete my company’s proposal to the GSA.  The workbook, examples, templates, and the presentation – all very well put together.”

    Learn how to win a GSA Schedule contract in a small group setting.
    Learn how to win a GSA Schedule contract in a small group setting.
  • “I expected a great presentation from Georgia Tech, but was afraid of information overload.  The presenter and the presentation were fantastic …. I now have a much clearer idea of how to get on a GSA Schedule.”
  • “I received one-on-one assistance with filling-out various proposal forms and walking through the submission and upload process.  Fantastic!”
  • “I received significant information and background on what GSA reviewers and contracting officers are looking for, and I valued the forms for completing my GSA Schedule proposal and building my pricing.”

The Facts about GSA Schedules

Is your company considering going after a GSA Schedule contract?  Maybe you should consider these facts:

  • The federal General Services Administration (GSA) awards about $50 billion in blanket contracts known as “Schedules” to hundreds of companies each year.
  • Eighty percent (80%) of Schedule contractors are small businesses who are successful at 36% of those sales.

The process to win a GSA Schedule contract begins with a proposal, an arduous task that often takes several months to prepare. But now, thanks to Georgia Tech’s Workshop — sponsored by the Contracting Education Academy — a GSA proposal can be actually completed during the Workshop.   If a business is not prepared to submit all the documentation at the time of the Workshop, the GSA proposal preparation process easily can be shortened to within 30 days following the Workshop.

Workshop Benefits

By attending Georgia Tech’s GSA Schedule Proposal Preparation Workshop, you will:

  • Save time and money with instructor-guided, do-it-yourself approach.
  • Avoid mistakes that can delay or stop a GSA Schedule proposal from being considered.
  • Receive expert guidance, hands-on personal help, and answers to all of your questions.
  • Be given access to exclusive templates and sample narratives based on successful GSA Schedule offers, and well as a detailed workbook.
  • Receive up to 4 hours of individual consulting following the Workshop to review your package and receive further advice.
  • Earn 15 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

Registration Details

Don’t miss out!  To register for the Workshop, simply click here. If you have questions or need further information, please email info@ContractingAcademy.gatech.edu.

GSA Schedule Contract

Incomplete contractor info made it difficult for DoD to determine noncompetitive contract prices

The Defense Department had trouble determining reasonable prices for noncompetitive contracts because some contractors wouldn’t share pricing information, according to an Aug. 12 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.

GAO-GovernmentAccountabilityOffice-SealNormally, DoD relies on competition to ensure that it pays a reasonable price for its goods and services. But for noncompetitive contracts, DoD relies on other methods including information from previous contracts or from the contractors themselves, GAO says in the report.

The DoD requested pricing information from contractors for 12 of 32 noncompetitive agreements in GAO’s sample. For the remaning 20 contracts, DoD felt it already had enough information to make sure it was getting a reasonable price.

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GAO: Agencies should be seeking deeper discounts on FSS contracts

Agencies aren’t consistently seeking discounts when procuring goods and services off the Federal Supply Schedules, says a Government Accountability Office report released Aug. 10.

GSA Schedule Contract logoThe Federal Supply Schedules, or FSS, program allows agencies to buy commercial products and services from a list of approved vendors at discounted prices.

According to the General Services Administration, agencies placed more than $33 billion worth of orders through the FSS program in fiscal year 2014. The FSS portion of total federal contract spending represents about 6 percent of contract spending governmentwide, the report says.

That said, agencies should be pushing for discounts even further than those provided by the base FSS prices, GAO says.

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Roth confirmed as GSA head

Denise Turner Roth was confirmed August 5, 2015 as GSA Administrator by the U.S. Senate.
Denise Turner Roth was confirmed August 5, 2015 as GSA Administrator by the U.S. Senate.
General Services acting Administrator Denise Turner Roth, who stepped into the acting role in February after former administrator Dan Tangherlini officially left the agency, has been confirmed by the Senate to be new administrator.

President Barack Obama nominated Roth to the position in May. In a statement, he said Roth has helped make the agency more efficient, innovative and effective and she is a capable leader with management experience that will serve well in her position.

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Say goodbye to 100 page RFPs – 18F found another way

The sprint is over and companies that competed for a slot on 18F’s Agile BPA are lauding what they hope will become a new standard for federal procurement.

18F at GSAIn looking for companies to provide agile development services, the innovative arm of the General Services Administration opted for a ‘show, don’t tell’ approach to the solicitation process. Rather than ask companies for reams of paper promising agile capabilities, 18F set up a proving ground: a two-week test sprint where the only real measurement of success was a working product.

“I certainly hope that this is a new way to do [procurements] going forward,” said Joe Truppo, senior manager at Octo Consulting. “Instead of us delivering 40 pages saying what we could do, we actually got a chance to show them what we could do.”

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